Board Meeting, Sep 26th, 1pm, Fountain City Hall


"State may help Fountain solve erosion problem" - KRDO, Sep 17, 2014


"The EPA is coming to get us...or not" - CSIndy, Sep 17, 2014


"'Creek Week' encourages people to help clean up Fountain Creek" - KOAA, Sep 16, 2014


"Douglas Bruce calls stormwater ballot issue 'rain tax' revisited" - KOAA, Sep 15, 2014


Opinion,  "Vote 'yes' on stormwater plan", The Gazette, Sept 14, 2014


Opinion, "El Paso County stormwater", The Pueblo Chieftain, Sept 11, 2014


"One year after deadly floods, business owners are moving forward" - KRDO, Sep 10, 2014


A Healthy Watershed

The healthy Fountain Creek is a system with resiliency and the ability to adapt to some degree of change as it seeks to find its balance

Monument Creek

Beaver dams in Monument Creek.

Highway 47 Bridge

Fountain Creek below Highway 47 Bridge.

Arkansas River confluence

Fountain Creek at the Arkansas River confluence: Upstream view from Hwy 227 bridge showing sediment deposition at the confluence.  

Confluence of Upper Fountain and Monument Creeks

Confluence of Upper Fountain Creek and Monument Creek below America the Beautiful Park in Colorado Springs

Happy Birthday District!

The District Turns 5, Happy Birthday!

We Are All Connected By The Watershed

4th graders learn how we are all connected during a hands-on watershed activity.


09.23.2014 - 06:00pm - 07:00pm
Proclamation Recognizing 'Creek Week', Fountain City Council

09.26.2014 -
Colorado Sustainability Conference & Festival

09.26.2014 - 01:00pm - 03:00pm
Board Meeting

09.27.2014 - - 10.05.2014
Creek Week

09.27.2014 - 09:30am - 02:00pm
Colorado Sustainability Conference & Festival